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You are in the online store where coffee beans are roasted specially for YOU.

Why is our delicious and aromatic coffee?

It's all about the freshness of the roast. Coffee is fresh only 30-45 days after roasting.

Coffee contains hundreds of different volatile elements that evaporate over time during storage, and define its taste and aroma.

WE ARE THE FIRST on the UAE market to fry coffee beans once a week just to your order.

We offer you excellent varieties of 100 % Arabica under our brand RED COFFEE.

What does RED COFFEE mean? We purchase for our coffee mainly red, ripe coffee berries collected manually on plantations around the world. With the business development, we will increase the assortment.

People increasingly like to grind, brew and drink genuine coffee made with their own hands. This is the only way they gain confidence in the authenticity and genuineness of the product. That is why the world is experiencing the reduced demand for instant and ground coffee, and the increased for coffee beans.

This site is for COFFEE LOVERS who understand and appreciate the drink.

Submit your orders please! You have a choice: COFFEE BY SUBSCRIPTION - is a convenient and flexible way to order once and get coffee every month throughout the year, or use the button freshly roasted coffee beans where you can order any variety of coffee daily.
We accept the following kinds of payment: bank transfers prior the delivery and payments to a courier upon receipt of the order.

We have invested a lot of time and effort to bring you the pleasure to taste freshly roasted coffee,
so we ask you to support the idea of the on-line service for roasting and delivering coffee at home, to offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels throughout the Emirates.

We are sure that you are always ready to help small businesses!

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