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Santos Fine Cup Brazil

This is the one of the popular classic coffee sorts. Proper brewing makes the drink fragrant, balanced, soft, with a medium acidity, light citrus hue, and medium saturation.
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Brazil is the world's leader in coffee production. More than four million trees grow on Brazilian coffee plantations.
The most wholesale sort of Brazilian coffee is Santos. It, in turn, is further divided into eight types, of which six are included into first.

Santos grain is green, from light to dark colour, and of the medium size. The beverage made of this sort is very strong and, at the same time, soft.
Santos is classic coffee. Each of the eight varieties of Santos gives the best to the drink which makes the taste of it unsurpassed and amazing.
The taste is dominated by shades of dry spices and sweet notes . Aroma is balanced and delicate . A drink made from this variety is described as moderately acidic, rich, and with a stable flavor undiluted by extraneous colors.

This wonderful variety is often the choice of classic coffee fans. The grain size of Santos is the benchmark for the size of grains of all other coffee varieties. In some European countries, it is considered to be of the highest grade.

acidity 5
bitterness 3
sutaration 5
  • Классический, мягкий кофе - вкус не насыщенный, но для меня вполне приличный. Заказываю часто- быстро, качественно и нравится что жарят кофе для меня. Олег.
    Оценка: 5
    Добавил(а) Олег , 04.12.2013 10:35
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