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                        How to Buy?                             
                                                When to order?

We roast coffee beans once a week, on Fridays or Saturdays. After roasting, we leave coffee beans to cool for 24 hours. On Sunday we make up your orders. We always have avaliable freshly roasted coffee therefore most of deliveries are done the following day.

We deliver your orders to the address you provide on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In the future, we will try to implement twice a week roasting, whereof will let you know on the site.

The schedule of ordering, roasting, packaging and delivery is as follows:

Week of orders Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu up to 6PM
Fri - roasting Sat - roasting

Orders make up Sun
Delivery Mon Tue Wed Thu

All orders received after 6PM on every Thursday are transferred to the next roast. If you have any urgent situation, kindly call at +971-50-9457256 and we will help you.

                              How to choose?

Coffee as a beverage is valued because of its acidity. As it has been observed for a long time: the higher the altitude where coffee trees grow, the more intense acidity beans possess. Connoisseurs capture all the nuances of coffee beverage in its acidity.

Certainly, you will decide what kind of coffee to order, but in order to help, we provide you with our conventional differentiation:

Muted acidity:

- Brazil Santos Fine Cup
Average acidity:
- India Plantation A, India Plantation AA, and
Nicaragua Marogogype
Bright acidity:

Kenya AA and Rwanda AA


Our coffee is packaged into 2 types of packages of 227 and 1000g . 227g package is enough for about 30 cups of coffee. If you drink just a cup of coffee 3 times a day, such a package is enough for 10 days, therefore order coffee basing on this information. NOTE: we consider 7 - 8 grams of ground coffee  for the standard cup of 80 - 100ml of water.
Full tablespoon contains 7 - 8 grams of coffee beans. The package of 1000g is designed for offices and companies in which staff consist of 10 people or more, and such a package is enough for 130-140 cups. If you have 10 employees and they drink 3 cups of coffee a day, such a package will last for 4-5 days. Expect your employees to thank you!
                                How to store?

Consensus and our experience suggest coffee beans to be stored in a sealed glass jar with a tight lid, and kept refrigerated.  Why refrigerated?

When it is cool, coffee beans release minimal amount of fragrance. Coffee is better preserved in such a storage.

After opening the bag, empty it in a glass jar (or other dry container with a tight lid) and keep there for your consumption.

Storing coffee in the same package in which you bought it, is not recommended, because room temperature of 23-30 C promotes intensive evaporation of nutrients from grains of coffee.

Some packages have zip locks, but they must always be very tightly and with efforts locked, but this is what people usually do not do. Remember, if you do it carelessly, the package is actually open.

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