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                  Methods of brewing coffee

We understand that every customer of our coffee is committed to just one method of welding, but perhaps, you may want to try another way.

That is why we describe the most popular types of coffee brewing, and you just need to choose which one is right for you.



                              Coffee Capsules and Pods

We explain these brewing methods since not everyone understands what they are. In fact, to produce one cup of cappuccino you need to have one milk and one coffee capsules. They look the following way:

The milk capsule composition: skimmed milk, sigar (18%),  and soya emulsifier for foam formation.
The composition of coffee capsules: ground roasted coffee.

Disadvantages of coffee capsules:
- All the following ingredients are preserved: canned milk powder, sugar and soya emulsifier.
- What kind of ground coffee is in the capsule? We hope that proper.
- Foam extracted from cappuccino capsules remains  for 5-10 minutes, it stays in the cup even after you've drunk all the coffee. Why? Soya emulsifier works as a frother, promoting resistance of the foam. The brewing process is very simple: a capsule gets inserted into the machine, steam and pressure catalyze brewing, and in 30 seconds your coffee is ready.

                                      What is Pod?

It is roasted ground compact coffee powder pressed into a tablet with the determined dose of 7 g, which is sufficient for a cup of espresso. Such tablets are individually packed in filter paper and placed in plastic bags. This is how they

look like:


Brewing coffee from such pods requires a special coffee machine, where the coffe tablet is inserted into the horn instead of ground coffee. The further process follows the standard scheme.

The great disadvantage of capsules and tablets is their price, so a cup of coffee made of such a tablet costs four times more expensive than the same volume prepared in a cezve.

For us, Lovers of Coffee, the most important drawback of capsules and tablets is the absence of coffee flavor. We do not comprehend how to prepare coffee without manual grinding prior the brewing process. Coffee lovers usually do not buy coffee in capsules.

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