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                                                    Brewing in a Сhemeх

Сhemeх reached our days without any changes in its design. The brewing procedure is simple, but, as in any other activity, there are important details and instructions.

1. Use only freshly roasted coffee. It is checked, you probably will not like a drink made of grains roasted more than two months prior brewing.

2 . Stick to the dosage of coffee and water: it is about 30 grams of coffee powder per 500 ml of water, where the coffee grist should be a little finer than granulated sugar. If you wish to prepare, for example, 250 ml of the drink, take 15 grams of coffee, but ensure the grinding to be smaller than, for example, in the case of 750 ml of water and 45 grams of coffee proportion. Surely, the grinding should be rougher for bigger quantities. The over- and underextraction will are felt immediately.


We hope, you remember that water for brewing coffee should be of the temperature 92-96 degrees Celsius.
Lay out the filter to obtain a cone with the wall's thickness of one and three sheets on opposite sides. Insert the filter into a chemex, place the thick side to the place of the inflow of hot water from the kettle. Pour the filter with plenty of hot water to remove any paper off-flavor. Discard the water through the spout of the chemex without removing the filter.


 Grinding for brewing in chemex should be rough as for a French press, but somewhat smaller. Having grinded beans, place 30 grams of ground coffee into the filter and make a small indentation on the heap.

Gently sprinkle the top layers of coffee with a small amount of water to start the process of pre-extraction, also known as "blooming". Leave the coffee mass to soak for 30-45 seconds, and when all water is absorbed into the coffee, slowly pour a shin water flow, moving away from the edges to the center of the circle. Have a look at the photo of the kettle above, it is a special kettle with a delicate spout.

Use only such a kettle with a long thin nose, thus it is easier to control the thickness of the flow. When about one-two cm are left till the upper edge of the flask, set aside a kettle and let some water to go, then add hot water into the funnel to keep the flow.

It is important to add water to the center of the funnel, because most of coffee gets shifted from the edges to the center if water is poured on its edges. It is difficult for water to pass through coffee, therefore dangerous over-extraction occurs.

Set the kettle aside and wait until all water has passed through the coffee. The total brewing time after the "blooming" should be about four minutes. Uniform distribution of the coffee in the filter indicates that the extraction has been even.


After completion of the infusion we get a very clean bright and slightly transparent drink with a reddish tinge.

What is good about chemeх? After preparing coffee, we just take out the filter and throw it, and this is all cleaning! Ii is convenient and practical. The process of brewing in chemex is able to impress the uninitiated coffee lovers.

We have to mention, that it is not easy to buy chemex in the UAE; it is common in America, where it was invented in the 40s of the 20th century. Where to get the paper filters? They are sold in supermarkets.

Further, we need to understand that during the process of brewing in chemex, water cools down quickly while passing through the coffee ,because of the wide funnel. That is why many do not like this method of brewing.

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