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                                                                Brew coffee at a Mocha Pot

If you do not have any experience with a mocha pot or, as it is called otherwise, geyser coffee maker, you missed a lot. A moсha pot, at first sight, frightens beginners by its complexity of design, but in fact it is a simple device that allows you to cook a couple of cups of coffee within a few minutes.


Grinding for a geyser needs to be rougher than for a cezve, but finer than for a French press, and about half smaller than sugar. Focus on the photo above.

Coffee made in a mocha pot comes out saturated and dense. Do not think that a mocha pot will allow you to cook something resembling espresso. To do this, you need to have an espresso machine. A mocha pot is able to prepare you a drink that tastes something between those made in a cezve and a French press.

                                                  чашки кофе приготовленные в моке

A moсha pot is a simple device: the jar A is filled with cold water and set below the ground coffee holder B, whereinto you need to put pre-ground coffee in the volume reaching the edges of the holder.

The bottom of the coffee holder B has small holes, and boiling water under steam pressure passes through ground coffee into the vertical tube, from where it enters the upper C level is the form of coffee. On the photo above, you can see how coffee gushes from the holes at the top of the tube, therefore many people call this coffee maker "geyser".

After four-five minutes the coffee is ready. It is a good thick drink distinctive for mocha pots. For many, this type of coffee reminds American coffee. Coffee from a mocha pot is less dense than that procuced in a cezve, but more dense than that produced in automatic coffee machines. The density provides the drink  with a special coffee sweetness.

If you like a thick drink, mocha is for you. Unlike the beverage made in a cezve, coffee from a mocha pot never runs away, and it is a great advantage. Mocha is interesting. Although, it is the matter of taste.

As a French press, a cezve, a kemeks, a mocha pot does not require special care. After you finish with coffee, it is enough to empty the strainer and rinse all the parts of the pot under running water.

Some tips from experience:

- An important note: after a mocha pot is removed from the heat, stir coffee accurately and quickly before pouring it into cups, because the thicker part of the drink is on the bottom of the container C.

- We tried to fill the jar A with as hot as cold water, and we did not notice much of a difference.

- When brewing coffee in a cezve, its fragrance throughout the apartment remains for a few hours, which is not the case of a mocha pot. We also noticed that different varieties of coffee behave differently in a mocha pot.

- Mocha pots, as well as cezves, can be two, four or six cups capacity as it is shown on the picture above, therefore ensure buying the size that meets your needs.

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