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                           Roasting and Grinding

Our company conducted a market research throughout the Emirates, where the target audience was coffee beans consumers. The study found that those who love and appreciate coffee belong to affluent segments of the UAE population, and the vast majority of them prefer to purchase coffee beans. True coffee lovers know that coffee should not be bought in the ground form.

The survey showed that fans of the drink aware that coffee beans should be grinded directly before brewing, therefore they rarely buy ground coffee.

We sell only coffee beans of medium roast!

The study showed that 87% of consumers prefer medium roast. 91% said they would like to buy coffee beans of medium roast and mat appearance. This fact indicates sophistication of consumers, who clearly understand that if the grain surface visibly shines and displays oiliness, beans quickly lose all nutrients through the surface, and during long-term storage can become rancid and spoil the taste.

Another interesting detail: approximately 72% of the UAE population drink instant coffee. But a conducted by us degustation event showed that once people tried coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans, the majority of them rejects consumption of instant coffee. In fact, this trend is capturing the world, more and more people prefer to drink coffee made from beans.

In Dubai, it has become fashionable for offices to smell coffee, for this reason manual grinders are recommended which are not as loud as electric ones.

Customers love to come to such offices, as well as staff there work better, since employees realize that execitives care about them; so the employees, in turn, pay them back with a high gegree of dedication.


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