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                    Benefits of freshly roasted coffee                                                   

                                  ONE SHOULD KNOW:

Most of us make the decision of buying coffee while being attracted by colorful packaging.

But, when we bring coffee home, brew and try it, the taste is faded, dull and expressionless.

Why does it happen? It depends on what kind of coffee you buy.

Coffee is not a simple product, it must be loved and understood. Nowadays, the global consumption of instant and ground coffee is being reduced, and the demand for coffee beans is on its rise, consequently coffee experts are trying to buy freshly roasted coffee. We are the first on the UAE market to offer an on-line coffee shop, which is very convenient.

WHY? The answer is obvious:

- Most of the nutrients quickly evaporate from ground coffee.

- Instant coffee is produced mainly from low-grade coffee Robusta that loses its taste characteristics to coffee Arabica. Robusta coffee in its purest form is very bitter and has a high content of caffeine.

That is why more and more people in the world are buying Arabica coffee beans.

People like to grind and brew coffee for themselves and their loved ones. This is the only way they gain confidence that they drink real and fresh coffee.

To enjoy the coffee, buy it freshly roasted!

Our company is the first on the Emirates' market that receives orders from customers during a week, then roasts and packages coffee once a week, and after that delivers coffee to customers in one - four days after its sorting.

Green coffee has no taste. Its taste and fragrance are formed during roasting. Roasted coffee contains about 1,000 flavor components while, for example, wine possesses only 500.

Coffee is delicious and fragrant during first six weeks after roasting, and by the end of the second month it loses half of its flavor characteristics.


Our online store sells only freshly roasted coffee.

Many people ask: 'Why should I wait several days for my order delivery?'

It's simple:

- First, we take a week to collect orders from customers;

- Second, we need one - two days to roast coffee beans;

- Then, one day is spent on packaging and assembly of orders;

- After that, we submit orders to a delivery service, which brings coffee to customers within one - four working days.

This is the only way we can guarantee you delivery of true fresh coffee.

                                 OUR COFFEE

Aroma - the stunning smell fills the entire kitchen or office, and immediately makes you eager to brew a cup of coffee.

Taste - diverse, with a bouquet of colors, berry fruit acidity, and notes of spices.

Freshly roasted coffee is an elite product for COFFEE LOVERS!

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